Download a Petition to gather signatures


Here are step-by-step instructions for signing the RIP Commerce Tax petition…

STEP 1:  You MUST be a registered Nevada voter to sign the RIP Tax petition.
If you are not a registered voter, you must first register to vote before you can legally sign the petition.  For online voter registration assistance, go to:
STEP 2:  Click on the link below to immediately access the petition online.


STEP 3:  You must print out EVERY page of the petition (Warning: it’s 26 pages long!) on standard 8.5 x 11,white, 20 lb. paper and print ONLY in black ink.
STEP 4:  You must staple together the entire petition – with the pages appearing in numerical order starting with page 1 and ending with page 26 – in the upper left-hand corner.
STEP 5:  Before you can sign the petition, there are two pieces of information you need to know:
(1)  What county you live in
(2)  What congressional district you live in
If you are unsure what county and congressional district you live in, go to this website:
Then enter your residential street address where you are registered to vote in the “Search” box at the upper-right side of this website, and then hit the “Enter” key.
Now click on the blue circular icon that’ll pop up showing the location of the address you entered on a map.  When you do, your county and congressional district number will appear in a pop-up box.
If you have any problem, contact the Secretary of State’s office at (775) 684-5708 and ask for assistance.
STEP 6:  Now go to page 22 of your petition that you downloaded and printed and go to the end of the “Description of Effect” paragraph at the top of the page.
Next to “County of______”, print LEGIBLY the name of the county in which you live on the line provided.
Next to “Petition District______”, print LEGIBLY the name of the congressional district in which you live.
STEP 7:  Next, look below and go to the box numbered “1” and fill in the requested information LEGIBLY.
STEP 8:  You MUST have your petition notarized
(CLICK HERE for information on how to have your petition notarized)
STEP 9:  Mail your notarized petition to:



This is what the Petition will do if it is passed


            This referendum asks the voters whether to approve or disapprove those portions of Senate Bill No. 483 from the 2015 Legislative Session which relate to the commerce tax. Pursuant to S.B. 483, the commerce tax is imposed on each business entity engaged in business in this State whose Nevada gross revenue in a fiscal year exceeds $4,000,000. The commerce tax is calculated by multiplying the amount of a business entity’s annual Nevada gross revenue (as adjusted by certain authorized deductions) which exceeds $4,000,000 by the tax rate applicable to the industry in which the business entity is primarily engaged.

            If this referendum is approved by a majority of voters, the provisions of S.B. 483 related to the commerce tax may not be amended, annulled, repealed, set aside, suspended or in any way made inoperative except by a vote of the people. If a majority of voters disapproves of this referendum, the provisions of S.B. 483 related to the commerce tax are void which will have the effect of eliminating the commerce tax. Disapproval of the provisions of S.B. 483 related to the commerce tax does not prohibit the Legislature from enacting future legislation that imposes a commerce tax.