Article 19, Section 3 reads…
“The petition may consist of more than one document, but each document shall have affixed thereto an affidavit made by one of the signers of such document to the effect that all of the signatures are genuine and that each individual who signed such document was at the time of signing a registered voter in the county of his or her residence. The affidavit shall be executed before a person authorized by law to administer oaths in the State of Nevada.”
As explained by Wikipedia…
“A notary is a lawyer or person with legal training who is licensed by the government to perform acts in legal affairs, in particular witnessing signatures on documents.”
If you don’t have a lawyer, it’s possible that your bank *might* have an employee who can notarize your signature.  If not, many retail stores – such as UPS and Mail Boxes Etc. – provide notary services.
If you have trouble finding a notary near you, go to this website – – and enter your zip code.  Then click on the “Search Zip Code” button.  That should give you a list of authorized notaries closest to you.
Two important things you need to know…
1.)  There may be a nominal charge for the notary to provide the notary service.  This is usually just a couple of bucks.  But be advised it may not be free.
2.)  It is important that you DO NOT sign the affidavit before you get in front of the notary.  They MUST witness you signing the document in order to notarize your petition.
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Whether you wish to sign the petition solely by yourself as an individual, or collect signatures on the petition from others, Nevada’s Constitution requires that you fill out and sign the “Affidavit of Circulator” section on the bottom of page 26 in front of a NOTARY.